WE come to YOU!  As a mobile unit we have the ability to travel to YOUR business so employees do not miss a day of work.  All registration, including health history, can be completed prior to your visit to streamline the process and minimize “downtime” for drivers and employees..  

OnSite Oklahoma offers the unique solution to keeping your DOT
drivers on the road and your employees productive. As a mobile unit, we have the ability to travel to YOUR location. Our flexible scheduling allows anyone needing a physical (DOT, Law Enforcement, athletic, etc.) to schedule a visit regardless of our day-to-day location.  Simply call us at 405/594-6990 and we will work with you to schedule a convenient time.  Utilizing 3bExam software, our
process is streamlined and timely. You will receive your medical card
immediately upon certification.

We also provide “OnSite” drug testing, and we have the ability to
drive to you, for any of your drug testing needs (new hire, random,
reasonable suspicion, post-accident, etc.).  Post-accident testing will
be handled promptly with a simple phone call.  We currently partner with
over 1500 laboratory facilities across the United States, so we really
are “THERE when you need us”!

Call us today to schedule your appointment or have your safety officer call us to schedule an appointment for your group.  

*Group and military discounts available 


M-Th: 6a-6p
Friday: 6a - noon
Saturday: upon request
Sundays: CLOSED

**We offer flexible scheduling so if you need times not listed above, please call us and we will work with you to get an appointment time that will work for you or your company.



DOT PHYSICAL:                           $150
Other PHYSICALS:                        Call for pricing
Chain-of-custody Urine drug screening:  $50
Hair follicle drug testing:             call for pricing
Oral fluid drug testing:                        call for pricing
6,10 or 12 panel rapid Urine drug screening:    call for pricing
Additional drug panels and Specific drug screenings (methadone,
buprenorphine, expanded opiate panel, kratom, etc.) available upon

*all non-negative rapid urine drug testing sent for lab confirmation